This stackable mason jar holder makes a great kitchen accent to show off your canned goods.

I don’t know about you but I love to garden and I love nothing better than jarring my moms special pasta sauce. So this year we’re looking at a bumper crop of tomatoes and thought that perhaps we should really start thinking about how best to handle the influx at the beginning of August. Then I thought about jar storage and said I should really 3D print something modular that can help out. Well, my goal originally was to create a stack-able jar holder that I could replicate to accommodate several jars for storing in the basement. Well, unfortunately at about 10 hours to print it would take the rest of the summer. However, this 3D print can make a nice accent on your counter top and stack it 2-3 jars tall. It was designed for the smaller Ball Small mouth mason jars which is what we use to jar sauce because it makes it easier to share with friends that way. I printed using Colorfabb Woodfill filament and wow is it pretty. If you really wanted to get fancy you could even sand down the rough edges and stain it.



  • Fill density: 25-30%
  • Print Speed: 40-50 mm/s
  • Layer height: .20mm (Gives the print a nice grain when printed with woodfill)
  • Brim: No, Support: No
  • Orientation: Back of the support face down (side with the stop tab for the jar)
  • Approximate time: 10 Hours


  1. Print two or more of the stack able mason jar support.
  2. Clean up the interlocking tabs to ensure a clean fit.
  3. slowly press all four tabs into the adjoining female tab to create a stack.
  4. Place your mason jars inside with the lid facing front.
  5. Enjoy on your counter top or use for storage in the closet.