Advanced 3D Creations, LLC is a printshop specializing in rapid prototyping using the latest in fused filament 3D printing technology.


Based in Kewaunee, Wisconsin, Advanced 3D Creations, LLC specializes in printing with only the highest grade filaments from Colorfabb. Whether you are looking to have a design printed, or need help bringing your idea to life, design assistance is available. We also have the ability to take 2D adobe illustrator files that can contain designs or logos and convert them into 3D realities.

Advanced 3D Creation Core Values


We focus on creating innovative and unique products showcasing the power of the latest cutting edge 3D printing hardware available. Check out our blog to see what we’ve been working on.

Prototype Powerhouse

Need help developing your idea? We can help bring your idea to life with our extensive 3D modeling experience.See all of our services.

Quality Driven

We insist on using the highest grades of materials available, that’s why we choose the best filaments and fills.

Community Involvement

We are proud to support the FRC and FTC teams in Northern Wisconsin by providing 3D printed components and design help. Learn more about FRC and FTC.




Choose from a wide arrangement of vibrant, trendy color options. We also offer different materials, choose from the standard PLA-PHA or the newer NGEN material, a copolyester-resin which boasts 2/3 the strength of ABS plastic. We also carry bronze fill and wood fill type materials and more available at request. We use 3D Hubs to walk you thru the entire process so you can get a quote right away, set your options and payment is securely kept and transferred only after you accept the print.



Have an idea but need help materializing it? We offer 3D modeling and design collaboration. We use the latest 3D modeling software Autodesk Fusion 360 and can walk you thru the design process to get your prototype developed. Tell us about your project needs and we can give you a quote.

Recent Blog Posts

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