Keep your hands from getting burned when grabbing your toast in the morning.

Toast is awesome, but let’s face it, getting it out of the toaster can be a bit like playing operation trying to keep your fingers from getting burned. Especially if you haven’t gotten to ride the brown wave first (coffee, anyone?). This simple, yet creative print will be your toaster or toaster ovens best friend. Again, I recommend printing it with a woodfill material for a nice look on your counter top and provides a good amount of flexibility. PLA should also work great as it has a nice amount of flexibility and should offer repeated use.


  • Fill density: 25-30%
  • Print Speed: 40-50 mm/s
  • Layer height: .20mm (Gives the print a nice grain when printed with woodfill)
  • Brim: No, Support: No
  • Orientation: Toast decal facing up
  • Approximate time: 2 Hours