Keeps your dish wand cleaner and help it dry faster by standing it up

It’s a common problem for those who like to use a dish wand to clean their dishes. Well let’s stop right there and just clarify, for those who do dishes the old fashioned way. Does anyone really enjoy this manual process? I suppose it could be a cheap form of therapy but anyway, this simple print can at least keep it cleaner. You’ve got to admit this dish wand is a great little tool, saving you time by not having to reach under the sink for the dish soap every time but let’s face it, once you’re done with it where the heck do you put this thing? Most times it ends up at the bottom of the sink with dirty dishes, washed hands, and all sorts of food bits getting all over the sponge part.

Gross! Left to sit and fester the wand slowly turns a nice shade of grey and steadily chunks of it begin to fall off. Don’t you just feel sorry for it? Well I did, and decided to do something about it. Enter the Scotch Brite Foot, this little guy replaces the white cap at the end of the wand with a threaded stand that you can also use to colorfully accessorize your dish wand. Go ahead and print it in a nice blue to match the dish soap if you want to, why not?



  • Fill density: 25-30%
  • Print Speed: 40-50 mm/s
  • Brim: Yes, Support: No
  • Orientation: Threaded side down on the print bed
  • Approximate time: 2 hours 45 minutes



  1. Using a new or already used Scotch Brite Dish Wand, remove the white cap at the end of the wand.
  2. With a knife or thin flat head screwdriver remove the wax insert inside the cap.
  3. Place the wax insert inside the Scotch Brite Foot (this step is critical if you don’t want soap to leak out).
  4. Remove the tag on the dish wand and fill with dish soap.
  5. Slowly thread the Scotch Brite Foot onto the dish wand where the cap belongs, torque to 1.5-2 turns beyond hand tight to snug, be careful not to over tighten here.
  6. Test the seal by standing the dish wand upright and checking around the base for leaks, you’ll know pretty quick if it’s sealed or not, if it’s leaking try tightening slightly or remove and inspect the wax seal to ensure there is no debris between the seal and where the dish wand end seats against it.