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ADD THIS SIMPLE BUT ELEGANT BIRDHOUSE TO YOUR YARD TODAY! I was meaning to get this design posted a lot sooner this year but alas the summer slipped away from me and now it’s fall…but I really love this design and it served very well this summer. This... read more


So I realized that I’ve been 3D printing for almost 5 years now and it’s been an awesome adventure! In all that time with the two machines I have, the Ultimaker Original + and the Taz 5 both have been extremely reliable and accurate machines, and the Taz... read more

Tour the Fab Lab!

Take a tour of the fab lab thru an Interactive Prezi  Take a tour of my fabrication lab and learn more about the machines that drive Advanced 3D Creations ability to innovate for our clients. You’ll also be able to learn about some key projects from the past few... read more

Raspberry Pi Weather Station / Echo Dot Outdoor Enclosure

RASPBERRY PI AND AMAZON ALEXA…TOGETHER IN A COZY OUTDOOR ENCLOSURE So what on earth would you do with this combination? You can do two things to be exact, you can make an outdoor weather station using the Raspberry Pi / the Pi Sense Hat and use an Echo Dot to... read more

Bold and Colorful Birdhouses

ADD SOME COLOR THIS SPRING WITH THESE BOLD BIRDHOUSES It’s been another tough winter up here in Northeast Wisconsin, and I’m already daydreaming about the warm summer to come.  Although it’s still early, spring is right around the corner…right?... read more


ASSEMBLE THIS SIMPLE CANDELABRA JUST IN TIME FOR THANKSGIVING I love the holidays, and there’s nothing better than a little ambiance to set the right mood. A great part of the holidays of course are the sights and smells and candles can provide both. I wanted to... read more


Keep your hands from getting burned when grabbing your toast in the morning. Toast is awesome, but let’s face it, getting it out of the toaster can be a bit like playing operation trying to keep your fingers from getting burned. Especially if you haven’t... read more


SPREAD THE JOY OF READING WITH THIS AWESOME LITTLE FREE LIBRARY! Finally! Christmas is thru and I can breath deep as my latest project which has consumed much of my time thru December is complete. My future fiance has a great love for books and especially loves... read more

Mason Jar Lantern – Autumn Remix

ADD THESE FESTIVE FALL PANES TO YOUR MASON JAR LANTERN   Well it’s already past halloween and we’re heading into the heart of fall. I feel like before we know it’ll be thanksgiving already, I can’t wait to taste that old familiar pumpkin... read more


UP-CYCLE A MASON JAR AND MAKE A REALLY COOL HALLOWEEN LANTERN It’s that time of year…finally! Time for Jack-o-lanterns, pumpkin seeds and fall parties. Fall is a great time to get creative and this 3D print I’m pretty proud of. First of all, this is... read more


MAKE YOUR OWN LAWN DICE GAME WITH 3D PRINTED DOTS   Yard games are a great way to get together with friends and family and celebrate these last few days of summer outside. Of course anything bigger is always better, and these large scale lawn dice are a perfect... read more


This stackable mason jar holder makes a great kitchen accent to show off your canned goods. I don’t know about you but I love to garden and I love nothing better than jarring my moms special pasta sauce. So this year we’re looking at a bumper crop of... read more